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English 365 Level 3 Students Book

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Dignen B.,,Flinders S.,Sweeney S.
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English365 is a three-level course in Business and general English. Reflecting the work-life balance of busy adults, English365 enables learners to develop the English they really need for the social and business communication demands of their daily lives. English365 is for and about professionals in a wide range of working environments, from traditional business contexts to the public and voluntary sectors. Reflecting this, the Student's Books include specially-commissioned interviews with real working people from a variety og different backgrounds including a PA from Rolls Royce (Level 1), an editor for The Ecologist magazine (Level 2) and the Executive Director of the Japan Committee for UNICEF (Level 3). The Student's Books provide a supportive learning environment with an emphasis on communicative language practice in targeted work and social contexts. Each of the 30 units provides at least 90 minutes' classroom teaching material. They also include a grammar reference section and a full answer key and tapescript of the recordings.


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